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The biocultural diversity rights; necessities of admitting and observing

Biocultural diversity is recognized as the diversity of life in all its manifestations and includes a variety of biological, cultural and linguistic diversity, which is dependent on the social-ecological holistic system. Biocultural diversity has important rights that must be recognized and enforced to ensure its continuity. Many issues have emerged as a result of the neglect of these rights. On one hand, the contemporary human life is such that most of the interaction with "free nature" as well as "customs and methods of peaceful engagement with nature" is very limited. On the other hand, with increasing population growth, per capita consumption and the consequences of contemporary human technology, nature has reached a critical stage where the production, consumption, and pollution exceeded the capacity of the planet. In order to avoid irreversible destruction and extinction of the biocultural diversity forms; it is necessary the biocultural diversity rights are expressed and observed to achieve the general objectives below:
  • Introducing a harmony with nature global paradigm shift;
  • Increasing peace and lasting harmony between human activities and nature;
  • Reducing the destructive effects of human beings on nature, such as rapid climate change, widespread extinction of life, and the collapse of cultural diversities which they are currently in harmony with nature;
  • Improving overall health for all biocultural diversity forms.

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