Think tank

Think tank

The Think tank Department is a professional executive group under oversight of the GBDRF Board. The Department carries out its outsourced professional programs with the supervisory staff method to unify functions in some lines. 
The Think tank Department applies its programs through a broad and global researching, consulting, advocacy, policy-making, mobilizing for improving biocultural diversity rights observations and actualizing a step by step path toward a shifting to a harmony with nature paradigm by actualizing the outsourcing operational activities with respect to global biocultural diversity rights issues in some related lines.

The department fulfills this role by designing certain programs with related projects and campaigns. Only the accredited members of the Alliance Cooperative Network Program (ACNP) have the opportunity to apply and become the supervisory managers of these programs and undertake them as one of the GBDRF outsources. The department is fully authorized for executory management of these programs for achieving the GBDRF goals.
The  Think tank Department programs are listed below:
  1. Researching, Consulting, Advocacy, Policy-making and Mobilizing Program (RCAPMP);
  2. Paradigm Shift Seven “P” Program (PSSPP);

The Think tank Department provides  the opportunity for the GBDRF members to become members of researching, consulting, advoccing, policy making, mobilizing and an articular guide to harmony with nature paradigm shift programs.
Why did GBDRF establish  the Think tank Department?

Given the dominant paradigm and its very expanded negative impacts on the biocultural diversity rights and unprecedented large degradations on the earth and earthly beings mass extinction, global Think tank function roles were necessary. GBDRF responded to these needs by establishing the Think tank Department to play a role  in achieving the GBDRF goals through programs for the first time in the world.

This role should be manifested as an institutional form for the important purposes which are researching, consulting, advocating , policy making and mobilizing, for improving global biocultural diversity rights issues. 

GBDRF has established the Think tank department for coordination and  facilitation of the GBDRF goals. This department is going to do researching, consulting,  advocating, policy making, mobilizing for shifting to a harmony with nature paradigm towards the GBDRF goals.

How does the Think tank Department work? 

GBDRF has advanced this role by establishing certain programs that display a metadisciplinary coordination and facilitation under the executary management of the Think tank Department.

These programs propagate researching, consulting, advoccing, policy making and mobilizing characteristic and present a criteria and a particular guide to harmony with nature paradigm shift before it becomes too late and the losses can not be restored.

These programs are preparing useful and productive atmosphere for actualizing this role. 

This role is necessary for an enlightened path toward a paradigm of harmony with nature. In this role, individuals, non-governmental or governmental organizations can find this path actually in their daily life, work, and governance.

The Think tank department has launched these programs for the first time in the world. With the advancement of this role, it is hoped that this path becomes clearer and brighter so that more people can live, work and governance in harmony with nature, thereby observing the rights of biocultural diversity.

Accredited members of the Alliance Cooperative Network Program (ACNP) may apply for the supervisory staff managers of the GBDRF programs. These programs are under the direct management of Think tank Department. The other members of the Alliance Cooperative Network Program (ACNP) are in priority for cooperation in every GBDRF program.

Who should apply to the programs of the Think tank Department?

This opportunity is for those very excellent and worthy persons as individuals, non-governmental or governmental organizations; who are fully ready to be candidates for being in the process of  observing the biocultural diversity rights and also harmony with nature paradigm shift.

1- Applying for membership in these programs is only possible for the GBDRF members.

2- Every interested GBDRF member may apply to join the programs of  Think tank  Department only in the members area on the GBDRF website.  

3- The Board of GBDRF reserves the right to accept or reject the applications.


GBDRF will not guarantee the activities of the Researching, Consulting, Advocacy, Policy-making and Mobilizing Program (RCAPMP) and Paradigm Shift Seven “P” Program (PSSPP) members.

GBDRF will admit only the accepted and qualified GBDRF members. 

Members of the Researching, Consulting, Advocacy, Policy-making and Mobilizing Program (RCAPMP) and Paradigm Shift Seven “P” Program (PSSPP) are responsible for their activities with respect to applicable laws, third party(ies), and they do not represent GBDRF.


We live in an era with real evidence that the future of our planet and all living forms is in serious jeopardy. Time is running out with very few options to safeguard against the looming mass extinction of all species.
To achieve a positive balance between people and nature, we need to establish and promote: institutional rights for nature;  respect rules of harmony; and, create a suitable atmosphere to develop love and compassion for nature, especially in children, as some of the old cultures did. 
Short-term economic and welfare benefits result in irreversible damage to nature and all existing forms. If the health and lives are compromised, economic benefits are short-sighted and will quickly become meaningless.
The right of nature to thrive and setting limitations on human activities will present an equitable atmosphere to nurture true love and compassion to the natural world; goals that should be accepted and respected globally. Such an undertaking will provide the counterweight to control damage and potentially reverse some of the past damage inflicted on nature.  
In fact harmony with nature is essential now and it can serve up wisdom and love based on the laws of nature which ingrains social knowledge and behavior by recognition of personal and social responsibilities, and not just pay lip service to the cause.

How should you apply to the programs of the Think tank Department?

By clicking here, you may apply for GBDRF membership. If your application is  accepted, you may enter in the members area for more information and apply for membership in these programs.