Harmonature is one of the projects of the Alliance Department. GBDRF has created this role by establishing certain programs that display harmony characteristics with nature criteria. This role should be manifested as an institutional form for the important purposes of aligning and targeting the harmonized with nature allies. These programs propagate harmony with nature criteria in an alliance cooperative network before it becomes too late and the losses can not be restored. In this role, individuals, non-governmental and governmental organizations can work together with integrity along with the principles, values, ethics, and actions proposed by GBDRF to achieve an effectiveness and efficiency role in harmony with nature.
The Alliance Department has launched these programs for the first time in the world. With the advancement of this role, it is hoped that a number of people who effectively and efficiently embrace the harmony with nature paradigm to increase the chances of observing the biocultural diversity rights to save lives, livelihoods, the Earth and its biocultural diversity forms.
Accredited members of the Alliance Cooperative Network Program (ACNP) may apply for the supervisory staff managers of the GBDRF programs. These programs are under the direct management of Alliance Department. The other members of the Alliance Cooperative Network Program (ACNP) are in priority for cooperation in every GBDRF program.

Who should apply to the programs of the Alliance Department?
1- Applying for membership in these programs is only possible for the GBDRF members.

2- Every interested GBDRF member may apply to join the programs of Alliance Department only in the members area on the GBDRF website.  

3- The Board of GBDRF reserves the right to accept or reject the applicants.

GBDRF will not guarantee the activities of the Alliance Cooperative Network Program (ACNP) and the Harmonature Licence Program (HLP) members.
GBDRF will admit only the accepted and qualified GBDRF members.  
Members of the Alliance Cooperative Network Program (ACNP) and Harmonature Licence Program(HLP) are responsible for their activities with respect to applicable laws, third party(ies), and they do not represent GBDRF.​

How should you apply to the programs of the Alliance Department?
By clicking 
here, you may apply for GBDRF membership. If your application is accepted, you may enter in the members area for more information and apply for membership in these programs.