GBDRF is using an international membership policy. Generally, any person over the age of eighteen years old; governmental or non-governmental entities; organizations and institutions that accept the Bylaws and provisions of GBDRF may be accepted as a member. 

To apply for membership:

 Individual applicants must complete an application, provide a copy of their passport (valid for at least one year), an electronic photo, and the membership dues;

Organizations as applicants must complete a membership application, provide a copy of the passport of the authorized person (valid for at least one year), an electronic photo of the authorized person, the logo of the organization, a copy of the organization’s registration certificate, a copy of the organization’s Bylaws (statute), and the membership dues.

Please note that GBDRF Board may ask for additional information and/or documents.

All GBDRF members (except honorary members) must pay membership dues which are directed to the funding of GBDRF efforts. Membership dues cover application review and annual membership.

Please allow:

30 - 45 days for application review;

15 days for preparing membership package.

Membership types and membership dues (Canadian dollars, CAD)

1.    Individual membership (I): 300 CAD

2.    Governmental organization membership (GO): 3000 CAD

3.    Nongovernmental organization membership (NGO): 2000 CAD
Membership package for all members includes:
1- Access to the GBDRF website’s members area including:
  • Opportunity for applying the GBDRF programs in different departments with accreditation, licensing and certification possibilities;
  • Cooperation opportunities in some of the GBDRF programs;
2- Primary legal consultation regarding to bicultural diversity rights issues;
3- ​Priority and discount on the GBDRF public issues and events;
4- Membership ID card and Certificate; one badge for individual membership; and ten badges for organizational membership.  

For primary membership, please fill this form completely. Please choose only one option that matches your status. 
I hereby apply for primary membership admission to the Global Biocultural Diversity Rights Foundation (GBDRF) as:

an individual member    an organization member